Welcome to UO:Revived!

UO:Revived is a custom made Ultima Online shard.

Designed to appeal to players old and new, nostalgics will enjoy the effort made to replicate the ambience of the Ultima Online legacy during the late nineties and early two-thousands . The shard follows the early renaissance expansion period, avoiding the controversial Trammel facet.

Although the atmosphere is very close to the glory days, our purpose is not to create a mirror shard of the original, but to take it in a direction we feel it should have gone. That said, UO:Revived does share a lot of the same principles, but is reinforced with traits from other popular eras. Some of these aspects can be found on the “more about us” page.

I hope our shard can be a fun and enjoyable place for you and your friends to adventure. Remember to sign up to the forums, to join in the shard discussions and read the latest updates.

Thank you for playing.



Shard Owner