So, what can you look forward to on UO:Revived?

Dyes and hues:

With the exception of a special hair dye, there will not be neon hues. Charcoal grey (UHS) and blood red hue will be available in selected clothing but will be rare. Selected rare hues will be obtainable through the tailoring bulk order system.


There will be ethereal mounts. These will be awarded to players through the veteran rewards system. Ethereal mounts can not eat so will fade from its physical form, forcing the rider to dismount after a period of riding.

Live Mounts: Horses, Ostards, Ridgebacks will require feeding to keep their stamina up. A “very happy” mount will not run out of stamina for some time. This is the benefit over a live mount than an ethereal mount. Unhappy mounts will not want to ride.

War Horses: these are strong beasts for faction members


Bone armour is now useful. Meditation is able to be used while wearing bone armour. Bone armour now has equal armour ratings to leather, providing mages and hybrids/tank mages more options with their appearances. Bone armour has gone from a useless item to a sourced luxury.

No dexterity penalties given to wearers of armour. Taken from the pre-T2A era a warrior will now look like a genuine warrior. This will also increase the trade on full platemail.


Evolution pets have been introduced to provide the Tamer with a variety of controllable pets. These can be raised, bred, trained and sold. An evolution pet will mature and evolve depending on its experience and the owners taming skill. Fully matured evolution pets will be bonded , which is the only exception to the No Bonding rule. These can however, be lost or lured. Carelessness will not be rewarded through pet retrieval.